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Last month I joined a gym.  You know this, I’ve written about it.  I was determined to reach my goals by the end of the year (didn’t exactly happen) – even if I hated the process.  Turns out though I’ve loved the process, I love yoga and I crave Monday spin class, and I can get on a treadmill with out wanting to punch baby seals.  I don’t know why I’ve changed – but I honestly love it to the point of near obsession.

Lately I’ve been interested in improving my “run”. I use that in quotes because I don’t know that I consider what I’m doing as running. It’s more like a jog, a “very fast walk” according to one of my apps.  Sometimes I full on run for part of a song and then go back to my speed. I haven’t been pushing my self too terribly hard because I didn’t want to run the risk of hating it. But like I said, lately I’ve been looking in to improving.  I don’t really know what I should be striving for – and to be honest I’m not sure what a “respectable” speed is.  But I figured if I just kept going at the speed I was already going, but started adding time and distance…eventually I could push my shorter distances to be faster. Right? I mean this may be totally flawed logic – I don’t even know what I’m doing.  I tried to google, but too many people have so many opinions on this and so I got overwhelmed with advice and closed the window and played more Farm Heroes Saga (seriously – the new Candy Crush).

Today I went further than I ever have on a treadmill – and maybe further than I ever have since I am not one to run for distance.  Ever.  After a couple of miles I sort of found a groove…when I hit the point that I stopped running on Monday I thought about stopping again.  But I figured this may be my last real workout of the year – and so I kept going.  Clarity played and I closed my eyes and just sang along silently.  The Loaded Gun started playing.  Suddenly it was the end of We Own The Night…and  looked down and realized I’d done it. I had gone .75 miles further than I had on Monday.

Others may consider my best treadmill distance as nothing – after all it’s no half marathon distance.  But I did it. I beat my record.  I’ve never been someone who thought I would try to get better at this – earlier this year I couldn’t even do half this without feeling like death.  And today I did it and got teary only because I am unbelievable proud of how much I can do when I push myself to do it.

It’ll probably be a couple of weeks before I am back in the gym – but I am excited to see how much I can improve my time and speed and distance in 2014.  Something I’ve never really cared about before.  If I can push myself every year to improve and learn and be a better person…I am excited about what will come next year.  And the next year.  And the year after that.  There’s no one telling me I can’t, or I shouldn’t, or making me feel foolish.  And so this year it may be 4.5 miles – but there’s really no telling what it may be a year from now.

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Courtney December 19, 2013 at 1:23 pm

This is why they are called PR’s – PERSONAL records. It’s your personal best and that’s what matters. I’ve never run 13.1 or 26.2, honestly I doubt I ever will. It’s not my “thing” and I’m okay with that. The fact that you’re craving your spin class and closing your eyes to just enjoy the run is reward enough. Exercise has has given me so much and I crave my daily gym time too!


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